Thursday, December 06th, 2012

MECc project participant ECOmove is now ready with the third prototype of its electric vehicle QBEAK, thus taking a step closer towards the realisation of a lightweight concept for the EV industry. QBEAK III demonstrates a series of ground-breaking lightweight technologies, which, in addition to reducing the weight of the car, increases its range and makes it more affordable to drive an EV.

ECOmove took the first steps towards developing a lightweight electric vehicle in 2009. Now, QBEAK III is being introduced, and even though it is still a prototype, the car is very close to the end result:

“The new QBEAK is a much more finished version than number two. For example, the car now has charging structure and instrumentation, and its technologies are so far advanced that we are ready to mature them for production”, says Mogens L√łkke, CEO at ECOmove.

The QBEAK will form the basis of the MECc and you can read alot more about the QBEAK III below.

Read the full press release about QBEAK III here