The fuel cell

Fuel cells are diverse in type and functionality, but for automotive use,  the predominant on is low temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (LTPEM). It is beneficial to employ this technology when running on pure hydrogen.

When running on liquid fuels, such as methanol by onboard reforming of the methanol into a hydrogen-rich gas, the high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HTPEM) is a better match, as the elevated temperature and basic build-up enables a simple integration with the reformer. This is due to a tolerance to pollutants from the reformer process and the ability to use waste-heat from the fuel cell to drive the reformer process.

The MECc utilizes a HTPEM integrated methanol power system that converts methanol into electrical direct current which charges directly onto the battery with low conversion losses, and which drives the onboard heating and cooling system with waste-heat.