The challenge

For quite a few years, it has been known that the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy is inevitable. The main reason for making the change has switched back and forth from environmental arguments to geopolitical arguments over time. One thing has remained clear though – the need for change is now!

One of the main focus areas, that has been identified as an area of concern in this connection, is the transportation sector, which plays a significant part when it comes to CO2 emissions, noise and other polluting effects. However, the automotive vehicle provides a unique set of characteristics, being a small decentralized energy producing and energy consuming piece of equipment, which millions use every day and which is controlled by diverse user patterns and needs. It is therefore not an easy task to change peoples’ mindset and the way of thinking in this particular sector.

It remains clear that there is a challenge at hand though, and challenges are often best overcome by thinking differently and innovatively, instead of trying to simply make small tweaks to the already existing concepts. In the MECc project, we will combine two emerging technologies, that is, ECOmove’s unique e-mobility technologies and Serenergy’s fuel cell (FC) technology, by focusing on both sustainability and transportation.