The purpose

The overall purpose of the Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc) project is to introduce a clean, simple, competitive range extender for battery (-based) electric vehicles (BEV) based on methanol as an energy carrier. More specifically, the project aims to design and integrate a range extender concept into a battery electric vehicle. Hereby, clean emission, short refueling time, long range, independence of charging infrastructure, exploitation of residual heat, high efficiency and a longer life of batteries are achieved.

In short, the purpose of the project is to overcome what is currently perceived as the main obstacle, that is the driving range, for the mass deployment of BEVs. This will be done by introducing a modular energy carrier concept with a fuel cell (FC)-based range extender running on methanol. By doing so the concept achieves;

  • Flexible configuration of the vehicle
  • A refueling time of less than 3 minutes
  • A range of up to 800 km. 4 times longer than the average electric vehicle today
  • Cabin heating independent of the battery
  • Efficiency of more than 80 %
  • A significantly longer lifetime of the batteries due to better State-of-Charge management
  • Reliable onboard reforming of liquid fuel
  • A simple, efficient and clean solution enabling BEVs to reach the same level of adoption as Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) without the need for massive infrastructure investments

By using bio-methanol one achieves a cheap, safe, easy to store and distributive energy carrier that can be produced from renewables in large quantities.