The perspectives

For both Serenergy and ECOmove, the realization of the MECc project will provide several perspectives for the companies to evolve. The fuel cell (FC) technology will allow ECOmove to expand to heavier vehicle concepts for logistics or longer distances. The results of the project will allow Serenergy to approach other OEMs in order to develop solutions to them or to sell the technology platform. For Insero E-Mobility this will be an important step in making Denmark the hot spot for electric vehicle (EV) technology development.

For electric vehicle owners, the introduction of a FC range extender based on bio-methanol will provide them with a solution to the critical issue of range anxiety. At the same time, the solution will lead to minimal pollution and thereby play a part in realizing the transportation sector’s contribution to a cleaner environment. With regard to price, the vehicle will, due to the extremely low emissions, be eligible to significant tax reductions or subsidies all over Europe and will thus be highly competitive and attractive to customers.