The main activities

The main activities of the project include;

  • Development of a dedicated fuel cell (FC) system for the integration in an electric vehicle based on a unique Energy Slot Concept
  • Specification of an optimum platform to fit the concept
  • Integration of a FC in a vehicle including fuel system, heat-utilization & management, power management and software
  • Tests of the vehicles in a controlled environment
  • Business analyses, documentation and project management
  • Test and trial with professional users in a living lab

The core technology is a liquid-cooled, high-temperature fuel cell stack with an integrated methanol reformer, while the vehicle is a battery electric vehicle (BEV). A modular approach is used and the number of battery cells or exchange with a FC unit can therefore easily be made. Thereby, the partners will achieve the possibility to produce a high volume of basic units, which can be used for almost any transportation/automotive application. This will result in a large degree of flexibility and economics of scale.