The goals

One important goal is to document the technical, economic, political, environmental and social viability of using methanol fuel cell range extenders in order to introduce the “Methanol Economy”  (term by Nobel-prize-winner Dr. George Olah). More tangible goals include:

  • Development of a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HTPEM) fuel cell (FC) module suitable for automotive applications
  • One – three vehicles equipped with a methanol FC with heat-utilization
  • Concept/feasibility study
  • Calculation of necessary investment for country wide infrastructure
  • Test and trial with professional users

It is expected that mass deployment of the co-developed system will start within 4 to 5 years, and it is the ambition that Serenergy will become the world’s largest provider of methanol HTPEM fuel cell systems for city-cars and that ECOmove will expand its position as the world’s most innovative developer and manufacturer of e-mobility technologies.